Camp services

Our goal is to provide the best accommodations available in the industry. To achieve this goal the management team was tasked to research and negotiate with industrial trailer manufacturers from a multitude of geographical locations to ensure we will always be able to provide new equipment if that is the need of the client.

Flite Camp and Catering Inc. fully believes in being able to provide the most comfortable accommodations to all clients and therefore our focus has been to secure Executive, VIP, and J&J lodging at a price point that is in most cases quite close to the standard 49-man dorm rates. We are a full-service turnkey camp company that has the capacity to provide industrial camp facilities of all dimensions to Western Canada.

Services available include:

Catering/Housekeeping and maintenance 


First Aid 

Snow Removal 

Water and Sewer Haul 

Health and Wellness 

Immunizations/Pandemic Planning  

Camp Offerings

Sleeping and Bathing Accommodations 

Covered Hallways 

Climate Control

High Speed Wi-Fi Internet

Recreation and Fitness Centers

Entertainment Amenities 

Kitchen and Dining Facilities 

First Aid Facilities

Security/Card Reader System Perimeter Fencing with Security Gate
Full Support Equipment
Powered Hitching Rails
Water and Sewer Containment Equipment
Arctic Corridors
Mine Dry