Our commitment to protecting our employees, customers, and the environment is our highest priority.

Our safety program provides all the necessary resources needed to deliver quality service in a safe manner that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations and contractual requirements. Flite Camp and Catering Inc.'s primary goal and policy is to conduct activities in ways that protects its property, the health and safety of our employees, and to limit the adverse effects of these activities on the environment.

By providing the resources needed to develop and implement an effective safety program. Flite Camp and Catering Inc. is sending the message that we are serious about expanding our existing commitment to safety in every aspect of business.

Every Flite Camp and Catering employee receives various safety training on a continual basis.

All Flite Camp and Catering Senior Management, Middle Management, Supervisors, workers, contractors, and visitors are responsible for obeying all safety rules, following recommended Safe Work Procedures, wearing and using the necessary Personal Protective Equipment when required. It is also the responsibility of the above mentioned persons to participate in the safety training programs, as well as informing Flite Camp and Catering Inc. management team, of any and all unsafe work conditions.

Because we care.

Our mission is to meet or exceed all legislative and regulatory requirements, establish a proactive safety environment, and be respectively diligent dealing with all issues regarding Environmental Health and Safety. It is Flite Camp and Catering Inc.'s goal to maintain an incident free workplace, while protecting the public, the employees, property, and the environment, as everyone benefits from a safe workplace.