Indigenous Partnerships


Flite Camp and Catering Inc. has an exceptional leadership team with a wealth of experience with Indigenous people and their culture. We understand the importance of embracing all opportunities to interact closely with all Indigenous communities.

Our goals are to fully understand their individual cultures and assess how we can address their needs. We strive to collaboratively develop achievable goals and realistic action plans to foster sound, caring relationships.

We have learned more than we could have imagined through these great relationships, that financial incentives are a very small element of their fundamental, and social needs. What has become strikingly clear, are the needs for education, careers, health and wellness, self reliance, and above all, individual and community sustainability.

After acquiring this knowledge, our management team grasped the intrinsic value of these lessons learned. We determined there needed to be some outside of the box thinking as to how we could assist all Indigenous People with their generic needs.

We are very proud to say that we have agreed to include the following in our strategic plan:

Develop and implement a plan that is focused on providing opportunities for sustainable employment with all camps we are initiating.

Take all steps needed to ensure those seeking employment with us are set up to succeed, and grow within our organization. Provide scholarships and assistance to all those who demonstrate the desire to further their education.

Seek opportunities to assist community Emergency Response Needs

Above all, provide a venue that is accessible to all indigenous people that will provide the opportunity for a structured, globally recognized education program that will fully empower them to acquire employment within the industrial camp industry, that provides the students with the opportunities for individual growth and recognition.

By fostering these very positive relationships and collaborating with all communities we will be able to foster great working relationships now and in the future.

We strongly believe in all Indigenous People and the intrinsic value for all stakeholders to provide all opportunities possible that will empower us all to grow.